Friday, October 07, 2011

On Saturday I did

Run out of glue so had to get some more

Came across good old friend

Came across some cool guys

Did wander for a bit and discovered pigeones in a very small space

Went home in the end but got suprised that getting glue took several hours


marta said...

ten kot jak moj..tak samo oczy mruzy

Brooke said...

it's funnny how often that happens :)

rebecca said...

your cat looks ready for Halloween. lovely pics!!

oladios said...

Thank you all :)

Rebecca - that's not my cat

ria said...

olu! jak fajnie trafic na twojego 'codziennego' bloga, jestem wielka fanka twojego cyrku
pozdrawiam z poludnia polski

oladios said...

Ria , milo Cie poznac , dziekuje bardzo:)

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